Family of Choice

What is the Oasis Family of Choice?

You are!  We are!  Everyone that chooses to come and join this local community of born again believers makes up the Oasis Family of Choice. Thats right, each unique individual that makes the decision to become a part of this radically, intentionally inclusive group of believers who reverences God, loves people, and serves the community, helps to complete this “Family of Choice”.

As the Oasis Family of Choice we trust the Spirit of God to lead and guide individuals to Oasis Fellowship by various means thereby creating an eclectic group that makes up the many members of the Body of Christ the Apostle Paul speaks about to the Corinthian Church. It is from that place we recognize that each person has a God anointing to carry out the God appointed work to complete the Church, the Body of Jesus Christ both locally and universally.


You can decide to join our on-line Family if geography, scheduling or ability creates a challenge in your coming to the assembly. Simply contact by mail, email, or phone and let us meet you. We genuinely desire to know each part of this beautifully eclectic Body! If you are within driving distance of us please come and connect with us. Either way COME because we have been praying just for you!


 Remeber the Sunday 12 noon live broadcast is a great opportunity to hear the Word of God preached.


The Oasis Family of Choice by the power of the Holy Spirit ...  Will Make Your Life Brand New!


3404 NOBT, Orlando 32804

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