Liturgical Dance Ministry

The mission of The Liturgical Dance Ministry of Oasis Fellowship Ministries is to bring healing and deliverance to the mind, soul, and spirit through the movement of dance; encouragement to worship and praise God in every circumstance of life; and fulfillment of one's God given destiny. Dancers respond with an appropriate dance which flows out of the music and is believed to enhance the prayer or worship experience. This type of dance is most often choreographed ahead of time generally fitted to the lyrics of a song. At other times the dance may be spontaneous just as King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant as a form of worship unto the Lord. 

Whether you call it praise dance, worship dance, lyrical dance, interpretive dance, or liturgical dance, we believe dance is to be ministry in every way. Liturgical dance as a term is sometimes controversial among groups that disapprove of dancing in general (or disapprove of liturgy in general). However many people maintain this style of dance as a way of physically manifesting God's message, seeing it as an emotionally powerful way to inspire on lookers. Truly we are thankful to the Lord for using the medium of dance as a vessel to touch the lives of those to whom we minister. Just when we think God has stretched us as far as we can stretch, he takes us even further! To God be the Glory!



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