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Oasis' Radically Inclusive Youth: 18 to 35 year young! It seems that we are all in a similar place now; we want to get closer to God, living an uncompromised life for God. Yet we have the pressures of the world to 'have fun, be young, and party.' It appears that many of us have arrived to the place where we know that what God has is so much greater than what the world is shoving down our throats.

We don't want to live Compromised lives!

We have realized that we can't wait until later to 'get right'.

"We are the generation of those that seek Him"

(Psalm 24).

We understand that individually we are accountable to stand before God in the end time.

  • We must answer to Him, explaining what we have done with our lives and what we have done with our talents.
  • We will not profess that we hid our talents but instead we will proclaim that we have shown our talents to the world so that they would know Him through our lives.
  • Though we must stand before Him individually, we recognize that on His earth, we don't have to stand alone.
  • He is our strength, but we are each otherís help.
  • He is our strong tower, but we are each otherís leaning post.

Our goal is to hold each other accountable and to pick one another up, should we fall. We have fun, we hang out, we love each other, and we love our Father.

God is saying now, and we feel it in our spirits to say "YES GOD, I will, even if no one else will."

Well what we want you to know is this group is a part of this movement!

Join us on FaceBook at Oasisí Radically Inclusive Youth.

Invite Oasis family, friends, and supporters in our age group, to join this group and our activities. Let's create a safe place, away from the ways of the world, where we can wild out and have fun, without compromising one another's walk with Christ.

We've been fortunate enough to be placed in this Family of Choice, so lets support one another in this walk.


3404 NOBT, Orlando 32804

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